Rainbow Swingsets in Indianapolis, Indiana - Warning**: Rainbow Playground Horrible Problems

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I bought a Rainbow Playground last year and noticed some big cracks in the wood on the steps when my kids started to play this year. I was worried that some of the sharp ends could cut my kids when they are climbing up and down.

The Rainbow rep told me that they would not honor the warranty and that I should fill in the cracks with wood putty. Would never spend this much money on a set from Rainbow again.

Wish I had read all the other critical postings on this site before I had made my purchase. Frustrated consumer.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #664891

Rainbow play systems are the worst!! Make sure you read the warranty info,because that lifetime warranty,well... lets just say it will take you a lifetime to get them to honer it!

Rainbow Swingsets in Baltimore, Maryland - Rainbow System cares nothing about customer

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We purchased a swing set from one of Rainbow's dealers in NJ. We were scheduled to have the set installed in our backyard almost a month later.

One day before the installation date, I called the dealer asking what time they would come. They said they would call me back about the time. They called me back two hours later and told me that they could not do the installation as scheduled because the product was not delivered to their warehouse, they wanted me to wait for another two weeks. The dealer said it was the manufacturer's fault.

So I called Rainbow's headquarter to complain. To my surprise the customer service people at Rainbow kept telling me that they always shipped the product 7 days after receiving the order. I asked them to call the dealer to see what the real cause was for the delay. After several phone calls back and forth, finally they called me back and said it was neither the dealer nor the manufacturer's fault.

It was the distributor's fault. Using their own words, the distributor is an independent company, they cannot be responsible for the distributor's mistake. They told me that there was nothing else they could do. I asked why I had to call YOUR distributor, why you should not call and question them directly?

Rainbow said again: because the distributor is an independent company, once a product is out of their door, they are not responsible for anything any more. I was simply stunned by what they said and lost my words.

I wish I came here and checked out all the complaints before making my order. They really do not care about their customers.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #664893

Rainbow play systems are the worst!!!

Make sure you read and understand the lifetime warranty,what they really mean is it will take a lifetime before they honor it!


They also do not do background checks on the men who come out to your home. Some from the Parsippany NJ store are on parole...

would you like a man or woman coming to your home with drug charges or robbery charges.

And found guilty?? What if they dropped drug paraphenelia on your property and the child(ren) playing on that set find it??

Rainbow Swingsets in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Swingtown on 202 has the worst customer service in the world


I purchased my swing set 2 years ago. after 1 1/2 year i wanted to get it restrained and tightened for safety.

I called Danny at Swingtown in flemington in October of last year....it is now August!!!! I have called 32 times (no exaggeration). Everytime i have called Herman said "he didn't call you back????" when I finally got him on the phone, he said he would call me back to make an apt.....no call back. He once gave me an apt.

but then never showed up, i called to see what happened, he said it looked like thunder.... sun shined all day long. But once again he never called back. Then I called again and we made an apt to do it again.....

never came never called nothing. After 32 times i am so upset, and not my play set looks terrible. I called again this morning and spoke to Danny and now he said he needs to change my quote. first he said it was because of the kind of swing set I have...which he knows because he sold it to me, and then he changed his story to say that origanly i only wanted the rock wall, and the ladders stained.

Now why in the world would anyone only stain part of a swing set???? It would look uneven.. I just could not believe that this is how i am being treated after spending the amount i did on that set. I own my own my own business and i make sure my customers always feel good after they call not worse.

HE even acknowledged that he never calls me back,and his service is bad... but instead of saying lets just keep the price as i quoted and i am coming this week, he accused me of wanted something different.

Why if the price needed to be changes did he not say this 10 months ago. I will get it stained elsewhere, but i will continue to tell all my friends of the horrible experience i have had with Danny at Swingtown.

Monetary Loss: $12.



Sorry if you are not happy but once again it comes down to customer responsibility and manufacturers warranty. I agree that wood sets look ugly if not sealed.

As far as the bolts, they are not stainless and never sold as stainless. Grab some CLR and clean them when you clean you set.


i too had a horrible experience with swingtown on 202 in nj. the rainbow set i bought has weathered terrible, rotted everywhere and all bolts have rusted in under 2 years!

they refuse to honor my warranty saying i didn't maintain the playset?

any friends who purchasd from them have had similar experiences. ask for referrals before you buy!!!


I just saw this post and want to make a few comments. My name is Dan and I own Swing Town. First of all we do not offer this service, and anyone who calls to have a stain job done is told that we have people who do this on the side. We never wrote up any order for you or took any deposit from you, which is required on ALL sales from swingtown. You are directing your anger wronfully towards my company.

Secondly, I discussed this with Danny, and he explained to me that he advised you multiple times that you did not need to have your set serviced because it was brand new!!! You disagreed so he charged you to touch up a few parts. The charge was $180. Somewhere along the way you deceided not to have just a few parts done and, against our advise, wanted the whole thing done. The price goes up! To stain a set of your size I would estimate to be upwards of $500.

Swing Towns only mistake was to not make it clear enough to you that the service you wanted done was NOT a service from swing town. I have put an end to this service due to your letter.

Having said the above, I do understand your frustration and am sorry that one of my employees mishandled your situation. You should have been asked to call Dannys cell phone directly as your agreement was through him directly.

As far as the 30 calls, well, I dont know about that. Seems a bit fishy, dont you think?

to Dan The Colony, Texas, United States #625220

I delt with Swingtown and found them not be very helpful at all. I posted something with the Better Business Bureau of NJ.

The owner in particular is not a "customer friendly" guy. I also bought from them and my wood was literally pealing within months. It was dangerous for the kids. I had to send him pictures at least three times before he put in the claim.

I would never buy from him or recommend his product. Best thing to do is post your problem with him on every site....

to John #769244

Dear John,

If you are from Texas you are thinking of another Swing Town.

We have an a+ rating with the BBB because they follow up on that they post.

As far as the set you purchased the peeling did occur on our smallest set made in china. We no longer sell products made in china unlike all of our competition.

The WARRANTY is not mine...it is the manufacturers. You received a copy before you purchased you playsystem.

The peeling that occurred needed a few minutes of sanding with the paper provided to you with your kit.

If you are a customer of mine I am sorry for your problems.

Every companies goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We are a small business trying our best...

to Dan #646744


I read over 20 negative reviews about you and your employees. They all appear to be true based on your own negative explanations.

Read your own responses to customers' negative complaints. You should hire a customer service rep. You should have no customer contact because it sounds like you have no clue about how to be helpful. Stay in the warehouse or help with your company's janitorial duties. Let the professionals deal with the public.

That is my advice.

to Shopping customer #769252

To whom hides behind a computer..

I take my business very personal. I work hard to keep multiple families employed and follow the American dream.

My responses were direct and to the point. The posts that you are reading are not true which I take very personally. We have been in business for 14 years. I have read 2, not 20, negative comments.

Both of which are not justified but are posted none the less. You are correct that I should not post responses because I care too much.

As a consumer I would want to know that the owner care enough about his or her business to respond truthfully.

to dan not danny Hicksville, New York, United States #991979

Wow...That shut the previous Guy up. I agree with the owner.

I think web sites like this suck when morons and a-holes can spew *** without any proof. I am also in business and yes people.......not all customers are always right....some need to stop breeding. I have known the guys from that store for a bit as I have had many friends buy from them....Never an Issue that was not handled.

That's all. Ryan L.

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